08 août 2012

Salad Bella Italia!

When I go to a restaurant I always ponder for hours over the menu, trying to make my mind up. On our honeymoon we went to Rome and once we ate in a perfect restaurant, the food was great but most of all the waiter only asked us one question: red or white wine? Then the dishes just kept on coming, heaven! Speaking of Italy, I was trying to decide which antipasti to make and finally I had an Eureka Moment: Why choose? I will just make a salad of grilled vegetables, rocket, prosciutto, parmesan, basil and pine nuts.... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2012

Grilled Eggplant Rolls with Feta, Mint and Chilli

Some women buy shoes, others like me buy cookbooks. I have cookbooks that are still beautiful, shiny cover, new book smell... others have dog ears and stained pages. If I had to choose which ones to save from a fire, (in this scenario my husband, our cat and every other living being that was at that moment in our apartment is obviously already saved and chatting with the firemen in front of the house), I would save the old and used cookbooks, because in there are all my cherished recipes that made The List.  On The List are... [Lire la suite]
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25 avril 2012

Roulade of eggplant, red peeper and goat cheese

I read somewhere that the more colourful the dishes, the more healthy they are. I suppose this rule doesn't apply for red velvet cupcakes but I will use it as an argument for these delicious roulades of eggplant (aubergines), red pepper and goat cheese. I found the recipe in the cookbook "Roast Chicken and Other Stories" by Simon Hopkinson. I just added the goat cheese. It is a perfect starter for a dinner party because you can prepare it in advance and your guests will be amazed. I served these melting... [Lire la suite]
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